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The security of funds is a matter of considerable concern to customers.

Golden Day Profit's leading financial management process has maintained steady financial growth; strong financial strength has implemented strict internal management and audit procedures, and is monitored by the Hong Kong Financial Supervisory Authority.

Ensuring the safety of client funds is one of the most important factors in the financial industry. The security of funds is also a concern of customers. In terms of risk control, Golden Day Profit has rich experience and strong asset management, so the security of customer’s funds is strongly guaranteed.

The following are the ways in which Golden Day Profit protects client funds:

01. Golden Day Profit was registered in the Hong Kong Registry in 2009 with the business registration code: 50665092-000, company code: 1326408. We are a company that is legally to operate and is regulated by the Company Law. We must submit a financial report reviewed by the independent accounting department to the government each year.

02. In order to ensure the safety of client funds, a separate bank account is set up. All client funds are deposited in a separate account of HSBC Bank to ensure the best guarantee of client funds from all over the world. Strictly abide by the system of separation of client funds and company operating funds.

03. Golden Day Profit regularly submits audited annual financial statements, audited annual benefit statements and a report by the auditor to assess the company's compliance status based on customer funds transactions.

04. We want to ensure that customers who trade with Golden Day Profit understand the nature of their investments and the protection they receive. Therefore, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.