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Unlike most commodities, gold is not dominated by production and consumption levels – so far most gold mines continue to be mined and can re-enter the gold market. Therefore, the price of gold is often dominated by global political and economic events and has become a tool for hedging in times of turmoil.

As a precious metal, silver has irreplaceable characteristics in large-scale industrial applications and in the production of jewelry and silver products. Because it is widely used in the electronics industry and as a photographic light-sensitive material, its price fluctuates more than many other metals.

Item Spot Gold Spot Silver
Contract Unit 100oz/Hand 5000oz/Hand
Margin 1000USD/Hand 2000USD/Hand
Lock deposit $1,000/set   (1 set for 1 buy, 1 sell) $2,000/set   (1 set for 1 buy, 1 sell)
Handling fee 50USD/Hand
Quote spread 0.5   USD / ounce (floating) 0.05   USD / ounce (floating)
Limit order must be from market price 3.0   USD (floating) 0.3   USD (floating)
Position overnight interest Gold   (long/short) unified charge of $3 / hand / day. Silver (long/short) Unified   charge of $6 / hand / day. Wednesday is big interest day. Hold overnight on   Wednesday will be charged 3 days interest. Hold overnight on weekends free of   charge.
Set Time Summer Time: System time is 00:00 daily (5:00   am Hong Kong time)
Winter Time: System time is 00:00   daily (6:00 am Hong Kong time)
Due to the settlement factor,   trading will be suspended from 05:00-06:00 (Summer Time) and 06:00-07:00   (Winter Time) in HK time
Commodity Trading Time Summer Time: System time Monday 03:00 to Friday   22:30 (Hong Kong time Monday 08:00 to Saturday 03:30)
Winter Time: System time Monday   02:00 to Frida 21:30 (Hong Kong time Monday 08:00 to Saturday 03:30)
Pending order (including stop loss, take profit) effective time Valid on the day (Reset every other day)
If the funds are insuffiecient during the   trading hours, the processing method of the open position Forcibly closing the   position, when the margin ratio is 30%, the system will automatically close the warehouse receipt   with the largest loss until the margin ratio is >30%.
Note: If the   market is too fast and too large, the system may not be able to perform the   liquidation immediately when the margin ratio is 30%. Therefore, the net value after closing the position may   be significantly lower than 30% of the occupied margin or a negative value.   Understand that this non-system can control.
Forcibly closing the position, holding the position of the   market Mainly to help you avoid losses that exceed the   principal invested. At the same time, as an added safeguard, we provide   account deficit protection (ie, when your account has a negative balance due   to forced liquidation, we contribute to make up the negative balance of your   loss) and protect traders from potential financial losses.
In the case of a market opening or an abnormal   market, when the order level falls into the price gap caused by the market   price jump, the order will be executed as follows. a) When the "Stop Loss" or "Take   Profit" position falls into the price gap, follow the first available   price after the price gap and add the note [sl/gap] or [tp/ Gap];
b) "Buy Stop",   "Sell Stop", "Buy Limit", "Sell Limit", pending   orders are executed at the first available price after the price gap, and add   the note [started/gap];
It should be noted that   conditional orders may not limit your losses.
Remarks The maximum number of trades per lot is 30   lots, with a maximum of 30 orders (including pending orders).