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Trading Notice

Golden Day Profit’s trading policies and procedures are an integral part of your customer agreement. As a customer, you are obliged to read these trading policies and procedures carefully and notify the company of any issues or objections prior to each trading order. Through the company's trading order, you agree, represent, warrant and confirm that you understand and accept these trading policies and procedures, as well as any future modifications that the company may make to you, and you agree to comply with the trading policies and procedures that were in force at the time. Orders must be made through the company's online trading system. Unless our company trading platform encounter breakdown or malfunction, or if you are a telephone trading customer, we will not accept telephone orders under normal circumstances, all orders must be made through the company's online trading system.


Trading policies and procedures

US dollars as a settlement unit, the relevant contracts and transactions are used US dollars as trading account’s measurement unit and displayed on the customer's statement.


Account settlement currency

Forcibly closing the position, when the margin ratio is <=30%, the="" system="" will="" automatically="" close="" warehouse="" receipt="" with="" largest="" loss="" until="" margin="" ratio="" is="">30%.
Note: If the market is too fast and too large, the system may not be able to close the position immediately when the margin ratio is <=30%, which may result in the net value after closing the position is much lower than 30% of the occupied margin or negative. Customers must understand that this cannot control by system.


Forced liquidation

Subject to the announcement of the company trading platform. Daily overnight interest: $3/hand for gold, $6/hand for silver. After the market closes, the position order begins to calculate interest.


Overnight interest

Mainly to help you avoid losses that exceed the principal invested. At the same time, as an added safeguard, we provide account deficit protection (ie, when your account has a negative balance due to forced liquidation, we contribute to make up the negative balance of your loss) and protect traders from potential financial losses.


Forcibly closing the position, purpose of holding the position

It is the customer's responsibility to monitor the amount of the margin in the account and maintain it at the appropriate level. Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change the margin of each trading unit at any time. The change will be based on the total value of the account, the trading volume and the current market conditions. The system notification of the trading platform will inform the customer of the changed margin. Once the balance of funds in the account is insufficient to meet the maintenance margin requirements, Golden Day Profit. reserves the right to settle all open positions in the account at the current market price.


Maintain margin level

A trade order that buys or sells a particular currency pair or commodity at the current price. Under normal market conditions, customer orders will be replied within 1-10 seconds. Customers need to pay special attention to the fact that in the case of rapid market changes, the transaction price is not necessarily the price seen by the customers. This means that when the price moves quickly, the price on the trading window may have changed before the customer placed the order or processed. Through the company's online trading system, the customer's upper and lower limits for each transaction are 30 lots and 0.1 lots respectively.

*Note 1: The company reserves the right to change the transaction limit at any time and will take effect immediately upon publication.

*Note 2: Opening/closing positions cannot be cancelled, changed or withdrawn. If the margin is insufficient for the trader, the company will not accept the transaction and cancel it immediately.


Trading Method - Market Order / Closed Order

It is a transaction order that is used to lock a certain profit or loss and make an order at the customer's specified price. When the market price reaches the customer's set price, it will automatically be traded. The order will be executed under the supervision of the trading system. Since the order will not be executed until it reaches the price specified by the customer, the order will not be executed. The price at the time of setting the Take Profit/Stop Loss Order should be no less than the current market price of $3 or it will not be accepted. Take Profit/Stop Loss Orders are valid for trading positions.

Note: All stop loss and take profit orders will be automatically cancelled by the system after settlement.


Trading Method - Set Take Profit / Stop Loss

The price when setting the preset price order should be no less than the current market price of $3, otherwise it will not be accepted. The preset price order is the upper limit order and the lower limit order. After the customer sets the preset price order, when the specified price is reached, if the customer's account margin is insufficient at the time, the order will not be filled, and the cancellation will be processed immediately and the customers will be prompted to delete the order.

Note 1: All preset price orders will be automatically cancelled by the system after settlement.

Remark 2: Customer understands and agrees that the trading platform processes the order according to its own execution mechanism. When multiple orders arrive at the effective price at the same time, they are not executed in the order of the order placed by the customer, and the order in which orders are processed may be different from the order in which customers place orders. When it comes to the issue regarding platform handling the order placement, the customers agrees to the trading platform's processing mechanism, the company has the final interpretation of the trading platform's processing mechanism.


Trading Method - Default Price Order

Non-market orders can be cancelled on the company's online trading system. (Cancel the limit order, stop loss and take profit order). However, a rapid change in the bid or ask price may cause the limit order to be executed during the cancellation of the customer.

*Note: All orders (limit orders, stop loss and take profit orders) are subject to the company's system information.


Cancel limit order

US important data before the release of the limit order arrangement on the important US market data (eg: Fed rate decision, US non-agricultural employment data) limit order regulation: 120 minutes before the data is about to occur and 30 minutes after the data is released. Our limited price order operation will be based on the difference of 3 dollars depending on the situation, and will float to the difference of more than 30 dollars, and cannot set the stop-loss stop loss. (The limit order refers only to pending orders.) The above measures do not affect the opening and closing of open positions and immediate orders of opened positions.


The customer has the right to withdraw the unmanaged margin from his trading account (ie, the portion that is not used to cover the margin requirement) without closing the account. The amount of funds in the trading account must meet the minimum margin requirement. Withdrawal of funds and corresponding adjustments to the account can only be made without an open position.

The remittance will be made on the same day after receiving the payment instruction. The information on the application should be the same as the information on the account opening application form. Only the account holder withdraws the money and will not approve the transfer and withdrawal (the name of the withdrawal bank account must be the same as the account opening name).

*Note: The withdrawal application will be accepted from 09:00 to 16:00 daily during trading hours, the withdrawal application made after 16:00 will be accepted on the next trading day (postpone in case of weekends and holidays). Please refer to the local bank settlement time for the specific arrival time of fund. The withdrawal amount will be deducted from the balance of the customer's trading account during the working hours once receipt of the customer's withdrawal application. Due to the different banking operations, the remittances arrival time will vary from time to time, so the company will not make any guarantees for the time required for customers to collect payments.



When the customer deposits funds into the trading account, it must be deposited via online banking or wire transfer through bank counter to the HSBC bank's public account. The specific arrival time of fund is subject to the verification by HSBC.


Customer Deposit

Such as network delay, failure, computer failure, quotation error or quotation system loopholes, may cause the quotation on the trading platform cannot accurately reflect the real-time market price. In order to maintain the fairness of online transactions, Golden Day Profit does not accept any transactions that use faults or loopholes. If it is found, all relevant transactions will be cancelled and all illegal profits and any additional expenses incurred will be recovered.
*Note: The company reserves the right of final interpretation.


About abnormal trading

Golden Day Profit Kamyip reserves the right to add, delete or modify all trading rules and will be effective immediately upon posting on the company's website.


Change trading rules