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As a professional trader in the precious metals trading industry, GOLDEN DAY PROFIT LIMITED has implemented an agent (IB) program worldwide. You can introduce new customers to open account in GOLDEN DAY PROFIT LIMITED to get a commission return, and we also provide professional marketing and management support to help you expand your business. Welcome to join the family of GOLDEN DAY PROFIT LIMITED, let us build a long-term good interaction and create new glory together.

Our agents include

A financial services company that wants to conduct online gold and foreign exchange operations at low cost.
An online broker offering a diverse range of services, including gold and foreign exchange trading.
A company engaged in financial analysis and hoping to provide its clients with online gold and foreign exchange transactions.
In addition to the above services, we may also offer flexible solutions based on your specific needs.

Our advantage

01 Enjoy our profession,Careful service advantage

The company has strong capital and rich management experience. We adhere to the corporate culture of "integrity, persistence, integration, innovation" and aim to provide customers with high-quality online precious metals and foreign exchange trading services. As a regular registered dealer, it maintains the highest professional standards and ethics in finance, customer transactions and overall operations. The company's business practices are also subject to strict regulations and supervision of the Hong Kong Law and the Financial Reporting System.

02 Based on trading volume Calculating commission

GOLDEN DAY PROFIT LIMITED provides you with a competitive agent commission system, which allows you to earn revenue based on the customer's trading volume and enter a new continuous income model.

03 Convenient customers Management system

We handle all back-office work for you, providing online real-time trading data, commission calculations, and back office support.

04 24 hours Online service

You and your customers are welcome to contact us by phone or email.

If you would like to ask more about the business, please fill in the form below and our Customer Specialist will contact you in time.

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